The Syndicate Reboot

I really don’t like origin, but this game exceeds beyond comparison.
just started playing it, it’s Good.
I didn’t see a thread about it on this page so now there is one. :)

if you enjoy cyberpunk and FPS even just a little, you WILL enjoy this.

it’s made by Starbreeze too. :walkman:

2nd gun you get is called the Kusanagi and it can shoot through walls. :D
don’t want to mention too much more as I don’t want to ruin the awesome.
but just the “way” this game is playing out is IMO how all games should be, at least FPS.
it’s weird though how this game has been under the radar, hardly anyone talking about it.

*FYI, if when you play this, and all the sudden you get an error at the armor suit guy with the mini gun, or memory errors in general
set the launch to admin privs in the executable properties.