The Terminate Script Notice, Can It Be Turned Off?

as the title says, is there a way to turn off this notice?

I use Johanns run cmd on selection tool a lot in the sample editor, and for some processes I already know beforehand that it going to take a while rendering. Having to stay standby with the mouse, pressing no gets boring quickly! :)



Maybe a checkbox in the notice can be created, where you can remember your choice? Than have a keyboard shortcut to kill the process if it is taking to long.

Yes, that is a great idea! Just the keyboard shortcut would even be better, with no message window at all.


Agree, there should be a better way of handling this when you know a process will take a long time.

I think rather than blocking the notice altogether for all scripts, maybe a third button could be added to the dialog: " Ignore this time " so you could just press this once per script run.

This means that you are at least alerted to which script has caused the hang/ slowdown. Though it would only be once.

Also agree to the shortcut suggestion!

Either way a solution to this would be much appreciated.

There is a better way.

When you know the process will take a long time, you being the developer, use coroutines.

EDIT: Probably won’t work when calling an external command line app though, as doing this blocks the app; unless there’s a way to launch a separate process and monitor it? But for scripts that are “pure Lua” coroutines are the way to go,

Actually, I have two questions

What is the duration of the “SCRIPT_TIMEOUT?”

Can this be made available as a constant in the API?

Thanks will take a look,

though I still think that a user-end flexible solution would be useful aswell. i.e. For times you may be abusing scripts or the author has not implemented (or known about) co-routines.