Yay! Time for another compo!
This time only for trackers (yes Renoise and Madtrackers too) :P

The thing about this compo is that no 4/4 or square-ish time signatures are allowed. The deal is to make something very creative from a rhythmical point of view. But not only. The points of judgement will be Creativity, Originality, and another secret point which you will find out after the deadline As secret as the second judge who will cast his wisdom upon your tracks. I’ll be the other judge.

Deadline: 1st of December, 2006

Info, rules, and such - here: http://cdn.untergrund.net/timesignature

Good Luck!
Questions? fire away

joining would be very interesting to me, but I have no time and the deadline is too short for me

sounds awesome. i have been wanting to participate in one of your compos so i will try to whip something together :)

It-Alien: That’s too bad man, maybe next time :)

dj io: Great, good to have you!

Nice initiative, I’m in. :)


Remember the deadline: 1st Dec. 2006! :D

Fun! I hope I’ll have time to enter.

I assume it’s too much to hope for, being allowed to use 1.8 beta? (Dammit, I preemptively declare!)

You’re only allowed to use something that’s freely downloadable, and playable. Like the demo version.

So, deathline reached. How many entries? :)

the compo is off due to the small number of entries :(


if you extend the deadline a bit, give people time to work on it, and allow 1.8 beta, you would probably get more customers ;)

Agreed, please don’t cancel, just extend. And maybe even include .ogg/.mp3 just to get something at least.

My entry may need more work, but I did put a lot of thought + effort in it and I’d be disappointed if the whole thing is just cancelled by forum notice (you didn’t even respond to my mail) and may just put me off entering your compos in the future. Which would be a shame, as I like your approach. :mellow:

If you remember, KVR Tsunami compo even had prizes, but hardly enough entries to support them. But they still went through, and (I think) all participants got a quite awesome prize. :P
Then again, the entries were quite awesome too and all deserved something!

Yes, well, there are 5 entries and I just don’t feel it’s right to have a voting and reviewing session for only 5 entries. However, I will give extended feedback on each of the tracks on the website in a couple of days.
The fact is that I can’t extend the deadline. In the next month and a half my schedule will be quite full, and I won’t have time to deal properly with this, and I apologize.

But I don’t want you who entered to feel disappointed about this, so I’ll work on some reviews.


You didn’t have any voting session the last two times, did you? Just reviews and “we decide who wins”, which is all good with me.

5 entries aren’t THAT bad, now? Looking forward to see what tracks were done. :)

I’d definitely be down. I just figured it was over and there was no time left, and by the time I saw the message for it, it was too late, but maybe not.