The Tuss Reviews Vivace

It might be because Im drunk but I see ‘Patrick’…
…the tuss…? whuzz? where?

“Tregaskin” is the last name of the 3 “members” of The Tuss … the “son” is “Patrick” … his myspace address is “patskin”

im sooo con fuze’d, but a cool review nonetheless ;]

Cool stuff that he gave such an awesome review of vivace’s stuff.

But what is that 3 members thing? and the “son”?

I thought the tuss was a single person, aka richard.

The reviewer:

The mystery continues…

Great review though! Props BOTB, the Renoise wonderkid is becoming a man. Don’t forget your roots! :slight_smile:


Tuss misinformation, by whoever’s behind the tuss

All hearsay… has never been confirmed. People gossipped that it was him… and he played a few tuss tracks in his shows… but then he also plays squarepusher tracks from time to time.


the writing-style reminds me a bit of bogdan… (remember his ronin/karl/agent30 tunes?)

ADD: nice review!

I’d laugh if the tuss was bogdan


that would be the same as “the beatles” that has a side-project called “slipknot”

That seems like a logical progression

Apparently the Tuss likes boxxy :o

Aaah, the plot thickens!!

I still think YOU are behind this, BYTE… it seems the kind of joke you’d pull

maar dan is er het probleem van mij niet spreken van de Nederlandse taal

tuss is blatantly aphex…tregaskin??? what kind of a name is that

Hmm… I agree it’s a problem that you don’t speak Dutch. :P

Anyway, I’m checking all my (dubious) sources for more info.
Although I know the identity of Tregaskin is secret and all that
bogus, I’m a motherfucking press mosquito and if I find out this
is a st00pid joke by a little TOO interested Canadian, I’ll come over
and express my disappointment on your furniture ;)

I just don’t think this is Aphex Twin Himself. I sure hope so, but that’s
too good to be true and we all know it.

not THE tuss. just one of the tuss… the patskin-tuss :D

What do you mean? :blink:
Tuss means erection in cornish parently, he comes from cornwall…names like tregaskin…it all seems like a bit of a joke…almost a pisstake…
Theres so much proof in the music too…and releasing on his label…bait ones.