The ugly multitimbral issue - revisited


I’m wondering whether in the short or long term the developers ever plan to re-add support for multitimbral instruments. If the answer is no then I’m curious as to how hard it would be for Renoise to develop an internal sound engine comparable to Kontakt.

(No tracker I’ve heard so far comes even close to Kontakt’s sound quality, even without using the effects like Saturation etc. I don’t know what NI has done different but the sound output is excellent, whereas most trackers sound flat (even with the sinc interpolation rendering) and need a lot of EQ work to sound like hardware-generated music)

Just curious what the developers’ word is on this issue


I had the same question, but i guess we have it already! (god, Renoise is so great! :D )

For me, multitimbral is done with different tracks : if you want to play a piano with a string and apply different effects to each samples, you can do this with tracks, no? Even if it’s not a single instrument, you can simulate it.

The overall sound quality has nothing to do with the tracker : it depends mainly on the quality of the sample and the effects already applied in the sample by the “hardware-generated-sample” (ok, this is not completly true, because we still need to use Renoise DSP or VST effects to get a much better sound, so the quality depends on those post-effects too)


Yes, but the Kontakt price is “only” 400 euros.

For the record I’ve tried running the same sounds through trackers then through Kontakt and there are definite differences. Yes, Kontakt costs a lot of money, and renoise doesn’t … but by the descriptions of trackers today you’d think there wouldn’t be that much difference in sound quality. But there is. Maybe a thread on how to get that “professional” sound out of Renoise needs to be started. I’d say Renoise’s output is clean but needs a lot of processing to sound lively (Kontakt’s needs next to none).

But anyway the question was about VSTi’s and what the developers plan to do about it. Or will things remain as they are?

BTW, outside of this issue, Renoise is phenomenal!


Can I guess this is because Kontakt does a lot of processing?
A 400$ softsynth probably has quite advanced algorithms.

This is not fixed in 1.2. IMO it would be a good idea to make this possible later. But which features will be done for later versions is yet to be decided.

well, at least you have the possibility to use unlimited no of insert and sendeffects for mastering in renoise. this way you decide for yourself what your sounds need to have to sound more like you want to hear them …