The "view Patterns Continously" Poll

do you or don’t you. I don’t I hate it, the first thing I did was try and find out how to turn it off, each to their own though!!!

Always on, until I die.

I have it off. And ‘pattern follow’ on btw. :)

Always on. I waited for this feature for a long time before it finally arrived.

always off, it confuses my sight

Never on. Still a Protracker-er at heart I guess.

Hehe I thought you meant “pattern follow” and before I realized my mistake I had voted yes… but no, I don’t use this feature.

Then I loaded up Renoise and discovered that I in fact have it enabled :) Oh well, I must not be paying attention to it I thought, so I disabled it… but that was horrible so I switched back again. weird

Guilty for some “Protrackerness” too. ^^

Don’t know where or what this is. So I guess : Default…

On. I really never thought about turning it off.

Okay, tried off… turned it back on… and leaving it on… :)

On, on, on. The tracker-view is too myopic without it.

Would be nice if one could zoom out vertically to see even more (even more than fullscreen).

Who’s up for drag-and-drop ease of editing over many patterns at once?

Always on. Forever. My patterns are lonely without it.

This has actually limited my use of other trackers! :P

off! if on i get epileptic!

Always on. :)

I never, ever, ever view patterns continuously.

I thought you meant “follow pattern” or what it’s called, so I voted ON. However when I checked up what you meant I saw that I do use ON on this feature as well. I think it’s an improvment.

It’s really confusing so i keep it off at all times.

im the ONLY one who said sometimes… wtf?

I usually have it off tho.

always ON, although it may be handy or not, better than being OFF I guess…

EDIT: I guess you mean “move continously between patterns”, because patterns are always VIEWED continously, but when the feature is off and you reach the end of pattern it wraps around and jumps to the 1st line of the same pattern. When on, it follows to the next pattern.


Oh thanks, I misunderstood this feature with “move continously between patterns”. Sorry. :)