The Village Studios - Video Tour

The Village Studios video tour. Nice little tour around this famous studio. Some names that record(ed) there: Sly and the Family Stone, Burt Bacharach, The Beach Boys and more recently Busta Rhymes, Destiny’s Child, Dr Dre, Missy Elliot, the Fugees, Madonna and J-Lo or what’s here name ;)

what tour? all i see is a woman constantly on screen.
I hate the camerawork, when the woman is not on screen the screen zooms in on walls and shakes like hell. :angry:

Djeez what a negativity there… sorry that the quality is not up to your standards. I did like it and got a little of the vibe the studio has…

Damn these guys have studios a through freakin z in that place. :panic:

well for 'a video tour of the village studio it’s absolutely crap. It’s about usher this and madonna that. They only flashed a vintage neve console for about 2 seconds. maybe an effects rack for like 0.5 seconds. :(

i expected more so yeah my posts in this topic are negative.

negativity yeah… nice girl :D

I think the camera dude was more interested in the girl. well, she is a hottie all right :dribble:

naah, she wasnt that good :)

Even though she isn’t my type, I still have to say i’d be pretty content fooling around with her and that gear… fooling around with her on that neve console :D it would be a hard decision what to twiddle around with first (I’m glad we have two hands).

i would take her to her favorite vocal room and do some porn-movie-dubbing…

right on. :D

also she seems to know her way around the celebreties and had some knowledge about studio’s and recordings. She would be a good way to sleep yourself up the ladder to succes. In that case I think she’s hot too.

I prefer that tour:…/kid-beyond.wmv

wicked :yeah: