The Website's Been Kinda Dead As Of Late, Eh?

There is a small beta update if you look for it ;)

Ha ha. I know. Never hurts to probe a bit here and there though. ;)


You hid it under my pillow, didn’t you?

EDIT: Acquired. :)

this topic comes again every summer.

maybe it’s because it’s summer?

ha! but he’s from texas so summer sucks for him and he wants to be indoors!

But the forum is happening.

Oh, the sun just came back. B)

Yeah, definitely this.

I always thought of the whole summer thing as something that affected students. Never really thought about weather. It’s somewhat cold here from like November to February, but other than that it’s generally hot as fuck.

I don’t get out much anyway. :unsure:

yeah, i lived there for a while. +100 temps for a month straight was nice! other than making the girls- (pretty fit around Austin but can’t see them anyway for the sweat in your eyes) -wear less cloths, there’s really nothing good about it. enjoy the torture!

Fuck that, damn hot summer got to be lots better than stinking rain all day ev day

both sucks?

i guess he likes it cloudy, just that.
a warm cloudy day. w
warm und wolkig.

I’ve found myself unable to not think about this thread since it started. In doing so I’ve tried to condense my thoughts down to these points:

  1. General stasis may mean that the tool that community is focused on refining has come to some sort of important maturity.
  2. Assuming that this is the case, then there is an opportunity to put energy into something new.
  3. Given that we’re all artists, let’s make some wonderful art with this wonderful tool.
  4. I’m not suggesting how this may be done, but our focus could be put to any number of things relating to making better art.
  5. If you like, Rome may be built, but it needs the substance of culture and heart for it come alive.

It may be July but I wouldn’t really call it summer in the UK! :(

Could anyone point me towards this beta update mentioned in this thread?

Also, I think the community need to engage more as a whole! Collaborations is the answer.

i think you have a point!

also, i get the impression that there’s a tendency towards forum/social networking fatigue. i see a lot of quality stuff released which gets a very lame response… a couple of likes, thumb ups, comments or whatever.

i used to give more feedback myself as well but now when i do sometimes the person wanting feedback (not on this site though, in general) doesn’t even get back to the post.

yeah, the sun baking behind a wall of clouds and high humidity… sweaty people on the bus and an office without air-conditioner! \o/ i think my favourite summer weather is rather cool air (20+ C) but sunny with just a light breeze… but i’m pretty sensitive to heat so it figures i guess. :)

We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher.

The devs need some playtime too. The last thing want is for dblue to be all work and no play and becoming a dull boy. It makes me shudder to imagine him popping in one day with an axe, a deranged smile and a “Here’s Johnny”.

I am the only one allowed to do that. :D

True. While I’m not a Renoise developer, I do write a fair amount of tools (among other coding), and a good break generally means coming up with a nice new idea.


You can end that sentence there. :P

I love it when dblue pops in the forum. I just don’t think I would be as welcoming if he was an axe murderer.