The WIP thread - work In progress

Not CDJ’s, bit casual, but…

Young teens, right? “DJs” that are as much “DJ” as someone who sees a DAW for the first time in life is a “producer”. C’mon! :sweat_smile:

That’s what I’m talking about. Personally I think that a disc jockey who can’t handle discs isn’t a disc jockey. But I know that many DJs, even some of the most popular ones, don’t play discs anymore. It’s more convenient because tempo adaption is happening by a simple mouse click and doesn’t need to be done by the DJ himself, and the DJ doesn’t need to carry tons of vinyl to the party. Nevertheless it’s a pitty. DJing was a kind of art, but now DJing is mostly just a slightly better playlist player that everyone could handle.

Fully agree.

I used to hope that when manual beatmatching got easier, it would lead to greater creativity but no, just auto-sync, boring selections and hot knobbing galore.

It speaks to more of a trend of being less connected to music. I used to love my vinyl and programming sets, knowing what i had at home when i was at the record store and planning what would mix with what. Now its just live spotify playlists it feels like. A real shame.

I really like DJjay, that macos (and now windows, too) dj app, which could directly stream from spotify, sadly spotify disabled it. Spotify sucks, it should burn in hell. No need for a mixer hardware anymore, my 2 cents… Uh what’s the topic?

Ok deleted

Here a storm in a teacup:

Do you like it? I currently have no idea how to continue it harmonically. Needs some change to a “part b” or so…

Just finished this track now,i really like this one,rare for me to like what i make


That track is lovely,pristine sound,clear crystal,floating on clouds.

I like the drum mixing too,do you have tape emulators on them?saturation?Nice and warm,they have a bit of texture to them.

Yeah i really like that one,that’s my favourite one from you so far.

I can hear you have nice bass in it too but imo it would benefit a lot from having a decaying deep sub underneath to compliment the drums esoecially during the quiet sections.

Have you ever considered microtonal scales in your music?

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This I did for a Techno battle, but I have another track that I might use in case I don’t make another (better) track.


Is that mono? I hardly hear any difference when switching to mono. But somehow mono sounds pretty wide to me. I like that in “your face sound”!

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No it’s not mono,its stereo.But i usually make sure the track sounds the same in mono.

I’m not a fan of wide mixes or mixes that are relatively clear and un-coloured generally
speaking. I like a bit of texture and grit.The relatively small stereo image goes along nicely
with that sort of thing,at least for aggressive type stuff imo


Thanks, glad you like it. It’s still no finished yet, I didn’t make music the recent weeks. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, there’s no tape emulator and no saturator. What I did for the first time is to use a FET compressor on the drums. The one by Softube to be exact, but v1 and not v2. I bet there’s a slight colorization because of this. Not like day and night in comparison, but there’s a difference, I had to tweak a little more than usual.

You mean another layer on the bass? Gotta try this. I always got a kind of “layer” on my kick and on my basses, but that “layer” is nothing else than a BP filter at 200 Hz, compressed with a high ratio and with individual intensities on each track. Possibly you might get a similar (not the same) result by EQing those frequencies, but I prefer this method.

Nope. Should I? And why? What I usually do is to use some effects that constantly change the sound slightly, but not in terms of notes.

I like the sound, it’s clean but not too clean. Drums only, so no need to be that wide. :slightly_smiling_face:
I remember that you’ve once created a track with some “melodious” elements (something like a bass, synth or even a pad), too. Imho that was a huge improvement of the overall impression. It was a great complementation to the always hard hitting drums. Do you intend to do that again, or was this a rare exception?

Where’s the hat between the kick? There has to be a hat, it’s Techno. I like the bass, it transports some groove. Now it needs some more impact, too. Some “ups and downs” in terms of energy exchange. Some breaks, some transitions, something that lets the dancers go wild. Imagine being on a dancefloor. What kind of sound makes you go wild? That’s what you need to do with this one. :wink:


Thanks for the hints! Sounds much better and groovy with the hat. Still some breaks are missing here and there as you suggested, but it’s growing.

I also increased the tempo from 125 to 128.

No just another track with a short sub on it,like gently saturated sine wave or something like that.

Yeah why not! If you are into melody it is most definitely something you should experiment with.

Something i like to play with when i’m writing melodies is to write a riff that contains a lot of notes,then i will loop this and tune each individual note as it plays back so it sounds better to my ears.Once that is done i note all the tunings and make this a new scale.It takes a while to do but you can get some really interesting stuff by doing that.

That was probably some throw away loop,i make tons of different stuff all the time,all kinds of genres.
Mostly as a break from my normal stuff and to just learn new things as i go.Heres some really cheesy trance thing i made today for some fun.The total opposite of what i normally do!


All right, I realized that I already got a sub on the bass, but it’s a square and no sine. I tried several things (changed the sub into a sine etc.), but in the end the “growl” at the beginning sounds best with a square as a sub. Nevertheless I added a short sine sub that’s slightly saturated (focus on the low ends), just as suggested. Now there are 4 layers in total, and I would say that’s more than enough. What do you think? Here’s the current (and probably the final) version:

I also decided not to add another new instrument in the last section, instead I dropped some stuff and made a kind of longer outro. I think that’s more appropriate. It keeps the mood.

What I like is to constantly change the pitch of some short synth elements in the back, you can hear it in many tracks that I create. Usually I automate it by LFO. But that’s not microtonal stuff, even though there are many steps between two neighboring notes. Your method sounds like work that fits to experimental stuff. Gotta try this as soon as I’m in the right mood for experiments with the goal to create some crazy sounds like Planet Jazz in the past.

I’m pretty sure it was an official track of yours. Afaik you’ve posted it in the music thread. But it wasn’t Trance or whatever. There were the usual hard hitting drums, but with just another element that wasn’t a drum. Anyway, it’s nice to hear something from you that’s not drums all the way. As I said, some elements that aren’t drums would take your stuff to another level imho. It doesn’t need to be the opposite of what you’re usually doing. But it’s cool that you’re doing some cheesy stuff for fun now and then. :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely, and you chose an appropriate hat. I like it. The tempo change to 128 BPM was also a good decision. Now the snare needs to be exchanged. I would suggest a “snappy” (like a snap) snare with a little less reverb. Try this one (will automatically be deleted in 24 hours), maybe it fits:


Thanks… Downloaded.
I have Verbity2 on the snare. That’s a great plugin for drum reverbs. What I also want to change is the reverb on that stab synth that comes in first. Somehow it sounds very different (metallic) when switching to mono.

Very nice. I especially like the vox pad. Great atmosphere and a lot of clarity in the mix. Good one!

Thank you, @slujr ! I posted the final version right here in the music thread.
While we’re at new tracks, what about your Entities project? I know 2027 is the goal, but… :wink:

Is there a difference between “drum reverbs” and “other” reverbs?

I have to say that I’m not sure about that stab sound in general, but overall it seems to fit. Personally I would prefer a “softer” sound, but hey, something “unusual” is also ok. I’m not into today’s Techno anymore. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Song was really good, drums sound awesome, even has room left for vocoder! Cool, niceone!

Haha, yes, optimistically. Been swamped with a million things. Some renoise related :wink:

Another Technoish track in the pipe that I enjoy more and more when listening to it more often.

Mix and arrangement are not final, but I think there are some great elements in there. I avoided to use too many standard synth sounds and most is sample based. Like the hypnotic feel to it.