The Youngest Renoiser?

I started tracking when I was 17 (old tunes of mine can be found there After a long break I decided to Track again. Having children who see me tracking too often at the expense of my father obligations, I said to myself: let them share my hobby and see what will happen. It turns out that by some “Pygmalion effect”, Zoé, one of my two daughters gets into Renoise from time to time:

You can imagine how happy I am, more particularly knowing that she started at 6, just a bit older than Dubmood who started younger than anyone as far as I know. But, I find Renoise too sophisticated than Ultimate Soundtracker which I myself started with. So, beyond my pride as father of seeing Zoé Tracking, I would have question/suggestion to our dear Renoise makers. Would it make sense to have a baby version of Renoise?

first of all this is awesome :) , although i don’t have kids it’s pretty well known they learn much faster so i think they would catch the way renoise works pretty fast… and you can always help them with some sample packs or sumthin;)

this is indeed pretty awesome. that picture should be on the Renoise frontpage :)

why would you want to have a baby-version of Renoise when your daughter can work with it just the way it is now?
plus, anyone starting out with Baby-Renoise would have more trouble transitioning to Adult-Renoise, instead of other way around, i think.

Put her on impulse tracker dude :)
I’m looking forward to when my own daughter will start tracking. Maybe she won’t want to, who knows eheh

Your kids are supposed to be smarter than you. That’s the whole point of the human race. Don’t worry about sophistication. She’ll figure it out if she wants.

PS: The youngest Renoiser? Challenge accepted. ;)

2417 youngest_renoiser_challenge.jpg

As you can probably tell, I too am a proud father. Here’s a video of her “tracking” in June 2010, roughly ~2 months. The gloves are on because she would scratch her own face. She was a goth cutter? Haha.

In Canada we call this “Hockey dad”. I’m that dad minus the hockey. :)

can u share wht she compose?

damn, it took us 6 posts for someone suggested this? i feel stupid :)

This is so cool! For the first time in my life I see the use of having kids! My own army of kidtrackers! I could start a band called “td6d and the kidtrackers” and we would make the most insane breakcore with cute off beat noises…

It’s okay but i will filter out your feedbacks :D because it is too early to discourage her :(. Started yesterday: “BibBip”

Ulrick’s daughter is steve reich reincarnated!

Great stuff. Keep it up.

I like the sound of Adult-Renoise… Mmmmmm…

@ulrick: thanks for posting that. after a 3-hour struggle with alsa in linux and my sound finally working again, it was a joy listening to that. tell her to keep it up!
@Vastique: yeah, when i wrote that, it set my mind wandering as well :slight_smile:

My kid had some attempts at trackin too. ))
(back when i used buzz to generate synth samples)

Damn, that harp jam is briljant. Do you know what kind of harp that is?

hohner special 20

Cool, thanks!

Hey, nikto, your boy is cool. Given the interest thet this thread focused, I just would like to thank you guys. I think this is also a useful thread to invite the youngest Trackors to keep up with the good work, and even if the work is not good. An information that made me start the thread was the following: Falling demoscene, given the significant share of tracker-based music in demo scene. So, by inviting the youngest to use trackers, say Renoise, it is an indirect way of supporting the demo scene, even if it’s weak I know.

Ordered :w00t:

A decade ago you would have spotted a lot of young guys in the tracking scene but nowadays, I really wonder of the average age people start tracking at. Seriously, could be an interesting poll… considering this 8bit nostalgia and indie vg trends, I think there could be some interesting numbers… i’ve recently stumbled upon articles on blogs where young teenagers start arguing about using trackers to create “vg music”.

And Impulse Tracker is still advised by many persons as one of the most used format in the indie scene.