the zeta nano-replicators

a 100% native 4 hours job :

as usual, you can grab the .xrns for free here.

thanx for listening

VVVVVery fun and smart! Wow. I wish I this kind of imagination. Kudos on sharing the xrns! :drummer:

hey thanx robotrobot :)
I’ve stored lots of other .xrns files here and here.
have fun !

Ooooh! That was great! Excellent pace and menace!

big thanx kickofighto

Nice and crazy track, felt a bit like i was in a circus there for a while. :)

Wow! Well done! Is it ok if i say it sounds a bit like squarepusher? (I loooove him, so this is meant very positive) :slight_smile:

it’s okay man ! squarepusher’s got a true talent for building cool and strange electronic leadlines.

I agree with everyone else! Really cool on all fronts, I’ll definitely have to look at the xrns for this!

Awesome work, and even so fast! I think this is a good example to learn from as you created a huge sound variety from only 9 samples and only a few tracks. Thanks for sharing the rns!

Great track!

I’m happy to share a bit of knowledge

thanx to dsps, meta devices and modulations, you can indeed build lots of different sounds from a simple sinewave !

Really cool sounds. Really cool tune. Great job, man.

My only criticism is that it changes predictably every 16 bars. Makes it feel kinda boxed-in form-wise. Maybe aim for more dramatic fills and transitions.

thanx !
and there are a bunch of copypasted notes/blocks too… what is also a predictable content… I’ll try to add more rythmic suprises, in the next zeta module