Theme Modification Improvements...

I have been making a load of themes recently, and I love the way you can changed the colour and style of everything…

But how about these improvements…

  1. Transparency.

Imagine being able to make certain parts of the display transparent. I thought this would be especially nice on automation. It would look very sexy!

  1. Reset everything to grey.

This would be excellent for when you want to start a theme from scratch. It would allow you to get a much better feel of the colours. As it is, when you change a theme, it feels like you are painting over someone else’s work and during the process you get a lot of disjointed colours which f**** with your mojo. If you could reset everything to grey, it would be like a fresh undercoat ready for work!

I do like the front end of Renoise, but sometimes feel that it is ever so slightly cartoony. The shading helps with this, but any improvements are welcome.

This may sound like a small issue, but I think colour and atmosphere are SOOO important to any artistic process.

No one interested in this???


Could be interesting, but I don’t think there are that many parts in Renoise where this would make a difference. The graphical elements which need some kind of transparency are already doing this automatically.

Well, what if I want to reset everything to blue? Or white? Or pink?

Make your own “blank” theme with your preferred colours and save it. Then simply reload this theme when you want to create a new one.

Transparency would be useful for some elements like the selection rectangle.

As for setting everything to grey: just use the global color filter to desaturate all colors, then click “apply” :huh:

Sorry, I meant; reset everything apart from text and outlines to grey…

I would still love the ability to make things transparent…

Imagine the Mixer 50% transparent with the pattern scrolling behind it…

That’s easy… it looks like a bloody mess! :D


As Sally once said to Harry, “YES!”.

Now make another one with an opacity of 100% for the mixer and 20-30% for the pattern editor…?

Just take some screenshots and paste them into Photoshop/Paintshop/etc., then adjust the layer transparency. It’s very easy and you can create any semi-transparent mess that your heart desires :D

Yes, undockable mixer, I would adore that!

(Harry replies YES!)