Theoretical Vst Question

does a vst exist that runs like this:

analyzes incoming audio from a track, calculates bpm in realtime, then sends the difference as mtc messages that would be routed to the bpm control?

I know beat tracking code exists for analyzing bpm of live audio, and using that to run things, however I don’t know if this has made it to a vst yet.

did a quick search:…FTOKEN=43287081
*that ^ would make a great renoise metadevice. :)

further search:

Saw an INTEL OSX VST probably based on that paper:
download page:
main download area:

demonstration of it running:
I don’t know if it works in renoise yet.

need a similar vst to this for win32 or linux, to control Renoise’s BPM from an incoming signal.

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