There Is No Music

There is no music but Renoise.

Someone’s on a high horse. :lol:

what a load of shit… seriously, why bother spouting that crap?

It’s an opportunity to exercise reading comprehension and making an actual argument instead of just passing down your opinion from on high. You… uhhhh… obviously don’t need any of that, so why do you bother reading and responding to it? It’s mysterious.



only joking, i just get angry when i hear this kind of talk - it goes nowhere and means nothing at the end of the day - we all know or can guess what someone means when they say they love music - so why argue - if you hear music then it exists, it has a definition and can be measured/analysed by tempo, time signature, etc which are quantifiable mathematical structures - it is sound with emotional content, it exists we all know it does because its fucking obviosly there - i couldn’t be bothered to get bogged down in all the rhetoric…

actually - does music exist if you are deaf?

dont answer that - it was a joke, ask beethoven ;)

I think it depends on the attitude of the person… shit there are some people with good hearing that think music doesn’t exist.

One of these days, I’m gonna find where you live… :P


I actually didn’t. I skipped all the posts between my first and second posts in this thread. I just saw that there was a bunch of spew from a bunch of people. And literally didn’t/don’t have time to read it. :D

How did I find your post? Skimming, to see what kind of results my second post would get. :D

Now you’re beginning to think like me… I’m in constant let’s see what this switch does mode when on forums… when approached by email or in real life I bow and nod and say yes all the time, it’s amazing :D

Ha ha ha, dude, I know your address. :lol:
You gave it to me so I could send you those CDs. Did you ever get them?

Well… would you like me to send them again?

does the thread really exist? WOooOOOoOOoooO?

Does a reply exist if noone is around to read it?

I guess so…

cause I’m not a “Guruh Motha Fakka” like you. :rolleyes:

  • BYTE-Smasher yiffs a bike-rack, then screams “THE CHOSEN WILL USE RADIAL TIRES!!!”… then proceeds to run face first into a lamp-post, knocking himself unconscious

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, what!?!?

It is not the thread that bends, but only yourself

There is no topic.

My washing machine in spin mode produces a rhythm, it has a some coathangers on top, that adds (to me) a sound that’s musical. My four year old son hates it and I have to shut the door.

We proceed to the kitchen, whereapon I press play on the CD machine and ‘54 cymru beats’ by Aphex Twin comes forth, he starts dancing. If you want a definition of what music is, ask someone who has no concept of ‘music’