Thereason (with Voice!)

the “finished” track using vocal forge, sure to stirr up some heated debate ! (or not)


hope you guys will like it for what it is :o

anyway about that vocal forge thing, it doesn’t give you much freedom as to where you’d like the track headed, pretty rigid imho, though it’s cool if you never added voice on a track, to get a feel of what it would sounds like.

my conclusion into that small experience is that it’s much more easy to get a feel with a voice than without.

time to learn to sing i guess :lol:

I just added this song to my “Real Fckn Music” folder. It feels a bit unic in it’s style, but it’s realy great!! :walkman:

lol, thx, though i have one question, what or who is unic ? :)

unic = kewl way of typing “unique”. ;)



This song sounds good, I like this! Oldskool dance’s rules!! ^^
A little question : what is Vocal Forge? A sample librairy? A voice filter?


Nice voice, I’m gonna have to check out that sound forge or whatever :) She sounds sexy!

Very good quality on this Sun! Damn! How do you do this? Is this rendered straight from Renoise? (Been using Renoise for years now, still asking questions I did as an unregistered user.)

It has a 90s feel to it, which is great.

In conclusion, what I like the best about this, was no doubt the voice and the bass.

its a vsti first, it uses voice sample (accapella) that have been beatsliced or something like that.
there is something like 8 accapella songs that you can use,mix,etc…

straight from renoise yes, only renoise and vst used, nothing else, well except the software to convert to mp3 but that’s it :)