THESHITE memero_

some mashcoreish broken-beat music here… smile.png

check this out on souncloud!

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I really like this. Constantly surprised me all the way through

Nice core!

I liked it but I think it could use a little break somewhere, just the time for us to take a breath before descending even more into madness :slight_smile:


Hey thanks!

dryjoy: yes, one shot everything without repeating… dunno why, but seams like I liked to “emulate” a punk hardcore song structure… (it just came as it is)

PPKo: you right, but as I said, I felt like a mix between the Black Flag drummer and Shitmat… :drummer: :badteethslayer:


I didn’t mind the “madness” at all. Sometimes music needs to be extreme and unrelenting. My only criticism would have been its too short :wink: Great Job!

thanks Abissus!

…call it “digital-hardcore-punk” or “salad” if you prefer…

thanks guys for the feedback!

:drummer: :guitar: :yeah:

nice basdrum!

Yeah, that was fun. Well done.

The track that followed as I was writing this - trapDildo - is cool too.