Things You Should Buy For Renoise

- a big screen (22 inch for exemple)
I’m trying to make music on my parent’s girlfriend computer. They own a 17 inch screen!!

and it sucks

At home I own a 22 inch wich I think is great

I know where you’re coming from – my eMac had a 17" screen.

I’ve got a 24" iMac now and, let me tell you, the extra real estate is worth every penny.

Apple makes a 27" model now too – I want!

- studio monitors
I’m still at my parents girlfriend. They have some no-name speakers… It is horrible!!

At least they have an amplifyer.
I had to work with miniscule boxes at my mother’s place that only relied on the soundcard’s amplifyer.
These boxes were small enough to serve as a headphone if i would have taped them to my girlfriends’ hairclip.

please take a picture then :walkman:

Good cheap headphones:

JVC Marshmallows are the best earbuds I’ve ever tried, and they cost less than $25 a pair:

They only last about a year or two if you’re using them every day and shoving them in your pocket, but for the price, they can’t be beat. They even beat the $200 sony headphones I got on ebay for $20 :P

I still affraid by those kind of intra auricular earphones. I imagine what they do after 2 hours non stop on a techno bassline :panic:

1 x 30inch CRT (monitor for MEN)
1 x midi keyboard (evolution ones are great)
1 x midi din lead
5 x renoise t shirts layers to keep you warm while you compose
1 x polish vodka
2 x monster munch multi flavour bag
1 x LSD inside the tobacco

for all breakcore renoisers

A mouse.

A license.

probably a dog to keep your girlfriend happy :) .

Doesn’t work, mine has 2 cats and is still nagging…

Lego blocks for some Pattern Matrix pre-compositions.


In-ear headphones are actually better for your ears… because they block outside noise by creating an air-tight seal with your ear, you don’t need to listen to music as loud. They also preserve battery life on portable music devices ;)

I just got these ( sennheiser k6 power module and me 66 shotgun mic )
Having the time of my life

yeah that’s all true but I’ve also hurt my ears several times with them. It’s the uncomfortable feeling of pressure or vacuum when you are pushing them into your ear. Sometimes it’s really hurting…

Well of course you can still hurt your ears if you listen to music too loudly… the point is you don’t NEED to listen as loudly with them.