Thinking Of Buying 2.8 After Using 1.9 For A While..

I’ve been using an old demo of Renoise v1.9 for almost a year but now I’m thinking about buying the product because I want to Render to wav and post songs and samples online. I downloaded the demo already but I’d love to hear some users opinions of why they think the current version is much better than v1.9. Basically what are the main major benefits?

The reason I’m asking is because I got used to the layout of v1.9 and when I opened 2.8, everything was different when I loaded it up, seems like I’ll have to learn how to navigate around again. Main thing I noticed was the file selection box wasn’t available immediately on startup. But that’s not a huge issue, i’m sure it can be tweaked… just wondering what features make it much better? For example, does it handle plug-ins more efficiently, are there sequencing benefits, what new features can I expect added since the v1.9? Why would you recommend it?

Any input would be greatly appreciated, I’m considering buying it in the next day or two via Paypal so I’ll be keeping a close eye on the thread. Hopefully your replies will nudge me in the right direction.

Get 2.8.1. Everything is better. More features. Less bugs. With anything in life that is growing and developing there will be learning challenges that will open doors to new possibilities. Look upon these as opportunities not hinderances. There is sound reasoning behind all changes - an open mind will allow for insight into that reasoning. And, if you get up to speed then you can participate with the community to help shape the future direction of the project.

I had trouble noticing bugs in 2.8.0… but yeah… 2.8.1 has even less bugs… that you can’t even notice… :walkman:

Top reasons for me:

  1. the new commands (0Uxx, 0Dxx, and so on) are far more easy to use than the old ones (01xx, 02xx, and so on)

  2. tools can now expand Renoise functionalities in surprising ways

  3. new great DSPs

  4. track groups introduce a new level of organization and signal channelling

  5. multilayered instruments expand the sampler power

OK, so I’m also a team member … does that really matter ? :D

2.0 - the delay column and plugin delay compensation (PDC) was introduced, providing much more precise timing than what was previously possible
2.1 - “decoupled” song-playback and editing, so you are no longer restricted to the playing pattern (IMHO, a major workflow improvement)
2.5 - the pattern matrix (acting as a ‘birds eye’ view of the song as well as an editor), and extensive MIDI mapping was introduced
2.6 - sample autoseek AND the scripting API was released. This has become a whole universe of it’s own, some talented people are really pushing the limits here!
2.7 - focus was on instrument features, recording and automation - sample keyzones, sample slices, zoomable automation.
2.8 - “organization” - track grouping is my favourite, along with a certain DSP device, the repeater

PS: we have a page dedicated to release notes - all features, major and minor, are covered there.
But I guess you are looking for actual impressions, which is cool :slight_smile:

2.8.1 sucks.

But, 1.9 (released in 2007, so yeah “demo” wink wink, nudge nudge) also sucks! It’s way too different than 1.28, (released in 2003).

Fuck change, right guys?

Seriously though, you can register and download 1.9 from the backstage if you are so inclined. All the old versions are still there.

Thanks for the input, some great reasons there. I think I’ll be taking the plunge soon. I want to try out something with a multisample instrument in Renoise v1.9, is it possible to do? I know it can be done in 2.8 but is it possible in v1.9? Basically I have sample libraries where the same instrument is played at different notes and sampled each time. I want to load those notes into one instrument instead of using new instruments for each note. I’m sure it must be possible but I’ve been using single samples or soft synths up until now.

1.9 is awesome in my opinion, but it’s the only version I’ve used, other than my very brief look at v2.8. Why do you think 2.8 sucks, what’s so bad about it?

Conner_BW was kidding…

When you purchase a renoise license you can download all the older versions as well.

Multisample instruments can be made in 1.9…I think…I just don’t remember clearly how. He he

If you’ve made good use of 1.9, investing in a license is probably a good idea at this point. 2.8.1 will blow your mind man

I thought that also 1.9 supported drag and drop from the diskbrowser to the sample area. You have the instrument slots above and the sample slots below (when speaking of 1.9).
If you drag all samples from the diskbrowser to the sampleslot area, all those samples should be loaded into that instrument.
If dragging and dropping does not work, then it is “doubleclick” for one sample and switch to the next sample-slot by clicking it and doubleclick to load another sample into that slot.
From there you can assign each sample to one note or a noterange in the instrument editor.
Look, you make it youself a lot easier to try and use 2.8 for it because in there you can drag and drop everything to the sample area or even into the keyzone layers of the zones tab so that you can directly attach samples to notes or noteranges.
A lot of stuff in 1.9 is so cumbersome to do, not that i don’t grant you that fun if you perceive it that way, but the current renoise version is also much better guided with video tutorials (try those).

Too bad Renoise doesn’t have a basically full featured demo of it’s current version


2.8 is awesome. You should get it. I stumble on to new cool features from time to time that are really awesome. I don’t remember whether 1.9 has the same Tools/scripts that the current version does. If not, then that alone is reason enough to upgrade. That tempo pad that is released where all you have to do is click your mouse to the rythem you’re thinking and Renoise will automateically change the timings of the pattern editor to fit it. It’s really awesome.

Scripts weren’t implemented before Renoise 2.5, the scripting engine itself wasn’t made public until 2.6 (in 2.5 you could only reach it if you knew the magic words)