Thinking Of Making A Wiki

I was thinking of making a wiki at work to keep track of the stuff that usually gets written on little post it notes and scraps of paper and lost; security and vandalism is not an issue, its intranet and even then we’re VLAN’ed off from the rest of everything in my department… After a bit of googling I came across mediawiki, which seems pretty good at a glance; looks very similar to wikipedia (perhaps the same code even…?) and I managed to get it running on an apache server without any major hassles. I was just wondering what else was out there that works… Interested to hear other people’s thoughts or experiences before I get too far into implementing anything…

For me pmwiki ( has been great. It can do most stuff, but is only php with textfiles, no database - very easy to set up. Bunch of themes and plugins to make it look nice also.

I only have experience with something called “TiddlyWiki”, which i think works very nice.
But this kind is originally built for offline/local use I think, as it stores all its data in a single html file :lol: Maybe you’re looking for something bigger, I don’t know. If not, try the Tiddly! Perfect for personal use.

yep, it’s the same.

WikiMatrix for a comparison between features. Quite helpful if you already know the specs.

We’re currently using tikiwiki @work, but we plan to open it up for our customers too. I’m not all that happy about it though as it has its quirks and can be buggy. Overall it feels unfinished.

After we had chosen tikiwiki I’ve come across Open Atrium. I haven’t tried it, but at a glance it looks promising and I hope to have some time exploring the app. It’s based on Drupal which is one of the more robust open source cms’.

Docuwiki is absolutely amazing… it has SO many awesome plugins, and it’s very customizable as a result. Mediawiki’s also really stable and modifiable. Both get upgraded regularly.