this forum is a maze

No matter how hard I try , everytime I try to search for a topic I created …it can’t find it …
Search function doesn’t work either …
Verry uncomfortable and I am probably doing something wrong here , I just go to bug reports , look for my topic …as far a 20 dec.2013 …right before ren. 3.0 was released …NOthing
Are all the topics created since the beta release accessible ?

Go to your user profile:

Click the “Find My Content” link:

You now see a list of every thread and post you’ve been involved with lately.

In the upper right corner, you can choose to show either topics you’ve started, posts you’ve made, or both.

aha …thanks …never really took the time to delve deeper in my user account .
Is this only way ?
What is the reason that certain topics can’t be found by just browing the pages back in time ?

Anyway thanks

If you’re using the regular search form, then just take care to use the correct search terms and options.

For example, if you wanted to find any topics you’ve started relating to phrases, you might try a search like this:

Your posts should still be there somewhere. It’s possible that your thread simply got moved into a different forum, or that several similar threads you posted got merged together into one thread to keep things more organised.

When in doubt, you can also try a Google search. They are usually pretty good at diving deeply into all the forum content. gentleclockdivider

thanks dblue .
Your the mother teresa of the renoise board