This Is A Great Site But...

make it better … I hate to see pixels in icons … looks angular and not so nice.

but the more important thing is the logo should more look like the logo (the form of the rectangular area) … and imho this is the mistake in all other tries …

and what an argument: the copyright (better the Trademark) is missing - it’s there, believe me - it’s only to small to see it ;)

Whoa! Now it’s perfect! :yeah:

Whoa! What happened? “My” v1.5 icon is the favicon now?

Looks like it :P
Now we need to add you to the thanks list…
If you wish to post the full name behind your alias…

Ok, my full name is Lasse Mattila.

Okay, your name is now perpetuated amidst the stars of Renoise Boulevard.

K0r3 :P
If it’s not too much trouble, I’d prefer my handle in all lowercase (raina).
(How whiny can a person sound?)