This Is Not Fake

check this astonishing pictures! (advisory: car accident images: no blood, corpses or stuff like this, but still can be disturbing for someone)

I was coming back home this morning. About 15 minutes before this, I was on the highway, where an accident by two bikes and a car occurred right before i passed by. The people were somehow ok, so I continued my travel.

Then, once in my town, I saw a guy running and screaming toward a girl, who was also running and screaming. I thought there was a quarrel between the two, and so I stopped the car to see what I could do, but then I realized that they were running away because they caused… that!!

The guy was driving the car at some unconceivable speed, he passed over a roundabout, and the car just flew over the sidewalk and landed into that pizzeria… also some gas started to flow out, I don’t know it was threw by the car or by the pizzeria… man that was some weird stuff!

The reason for all this mess is still ununderstood. I believe I will know something more tomorrow, by checking local news

I guess the guy mistakenly picked the wrong address on his search to find Pizza Hut Drive-In.

KoR3 hungry.

mmmmm… brickwork…


i hope pizzabar was empty :blink:

is it the window or wall? if its wall then i’m impressed

the wall was partly broken, but what was compeltely broken is the main aluminium/glass entrance door. Yes, the pizza shop was closed (it was sunday, 10AM).

Now I can confirm that the car was stolen. The driver, who ran away, has not been caught. He was bleeding on the head, but nothing which can’t be solved at home.

damn It-Alien, you just let criminal to get away

Yups you said it right: police “Office” man… so he’s not the guy on the street.

A car crashed into a pizza-place… only in italy :P

The only thing I can remember like that is a few years back in Tacoma there was some old fart who had driven their car through the front of an auto parts store.

Here in Zuidlaren, the Netherlands a few years ago, an old lady crashed her car tumbling it across the terras of a public bar during a nice mid-summer twilight evening, unfortunately, that incident costed a human life.

update: the thief which caused the accident has been identified: he ran away by the mean of a scooter he “found” near the accident place.

The strangest thing is that he is a guy (with no previous problems with Police) from my town, so I ask myself in which condition was he driving to not be aware of the fact of that well known roundabout which should not be driven through at 100km/h :rolleyes: