This night I had a dream

and Renoise update came with sample start/end, loop start/end, pitch, everything modulation/automation.

ah ^_^

and then you woke up

exactly. It was a sad morning.

yup right here

Owh, must have been some nightmare…

I had a dream about being tired. I was very confused when I woke up in the real world

Heh, every time I see this topic title it reminds me of Keith 303 & nt - an insight into the abyss of our strangest dreams. Just listen to pattern 22 and you will know what I mean. It was terrible in the Cee Dee… Oh yeaaahhh. :dribble:

I had a dream about this thread.

I dreamt I was reading this thread and I wanted to reply but I couldn’t think of anything else to add.

The bathtub was filled with tofu dogs.

That was one of the funniest moments with him. He was at his desk, syncing with Renoise until he’d do the singing. I already had to hold back when I saw him preparing. The moment he sang “Last night I had a strangest dream” against those 2-step beats, I got so cranked up, I ran to the other end of his room to avoid any laughing noise in the recording (like that would help). He noticed that and was like "what? :D" but ended up laughing, too. So he had to do another attempt, which became the unison. You can still hear how he’s about to laugh in the final result.

We still hope someone’s gonna remix it and make us famous.

This is offtopic

wow! bots get better and better these days.

No, we were just sleeping. Besides i suspect this wasn’t a bot, there are also a lot of folks who do manual spamming for a couple of cents a post.
Thanks for the notice . (the user had pharmacy sigspam for any curious)

Yeah so now you got me curious.