Thread edit: Added 2nd track: Blood Stained, and Hallways

Original post, intact below… Same deal, 100% recorded, mixed mastered with Renoise… I still searching for clarity in these guitar tones, but I really put some thought into how I was mixing these guitars. I totally took the advice from Rex below… These instruments are not drenched in verb…


Cheers, and thanks for the listens

Ok… Just a couple of foot notes:

Latest track from me, 100% produced, mix and mastered in Renoise. + vsts… + I played guitar.

Renoise has no, “punch in.” So… The way I cut the lead sample, kinda screwed up my timing after the middle 16. I know it, and you’ll hear it. Its obvious I need several more practice projects to really sort this stuff out… but… actually… :yeah:/> :yeah:/>

“I’m pretty happy here.” No… its not, “flawless, and perfect, and super pro sounding yet.”

Its got groove!! Its got mad, mad groove, and its just a few little things, that sorta make a demo, rather than a great job.

Thanks for the listens… All feedback welcome

Renoise = Computer music alchemy!!!

The beat and subby bassline is cool but I’d say either your guitar wasn’t tuned properly on the lower strings or your guitars intonation is well out and needs adjustment.

Also for those sort of clean chord stabs I would ease off the reverb to keep them tighter and more focused.

As you said the timing is a bit off, but renoise is far from ideal for tracking live instruments so I can understand why this might be the case. I normally rewire to a traditional DAW like Reaper to record live parts then import the WAVs back into Renoise for slicing and manipulation so I’d recommend giving this a go if you want to keep the finished song 100% arranged and mixed in Renoise.

Sounds like it could end up being a nice jam though with a bit of tidying up and attention to detail.

Hi Rex,

Thanks for this awesome feedback!! Your thoughts are spot on, ( even the intonation thing you said, was most likely correct - a bit of a long story, but, “in short,” I had better learn to do my own setups ). You have helped me see very clearly where I need to focus a lot more effort.

I appreciate it, Cheers

Well… Renoise is very fast, we all know that… So I guess I was able to put another one together really quickly, and I didn’t know if I should start a new thread… but I figured I could probably edit, and then bump this one, cause its a new track and all…

I mean, in case anybody wants to listen I guess… I don’t think I have the clarity I am searching for yet… But I am definitely searching for some type of harmonious clarity in the guitars, and the synths, and the beats…

Its so hard to decide if I want to go with distortion, or clean sounds, so I guess whatever the track calls for… I guess the track I am bumping the thread with, it seems to have handled quite a bit of gain.

This second track is unbelievable, with the tracks frozen, ( I had to freeze 3 tracks during production, ) the xrni was nearly 200 megabytes… and this is very near 30 tracks ( including sends and master )

but I think I got it done in less then 48 hours, which is totally mind boggling…

anyways… thanks for the listens…


Edit = if you are just reading this down here, and you can’t find the 2nd link, its the first link, of the first post of this thread… or here is a duplicate link…


Sounds like you are doing some serious soloing there, but I wish I could hear it just louder. I am still learning this stuff, but I would probably mix guitars much louder. Roll off guitars below 200 Hz, make mids louder in the mix and check if it is more clear?

I’ve used Reaper with Rewire earlier, but I’ve found easier to record with Audacity and just load wavs into Renoise. Generally I record with metronome or might play Renoise in the background. You have to be careful to adjust beginning of the wav, but it’s pretty much the same with any DAW.

Hi tomij7,

Thanks for the feedback…

At this juncture, I’m pretty comfortable just sticking with Renoise, and I do have access/licenses to other daws, but… I’ve also got a good idea where I screwed up the mix on, “Blood Stained, and Hallways.”

I was trying to do a modern rock multi-band comp teqnique… and I screwed up the signal chain. I accidentilly removed all midrange from my guitars, cause… I put a lp filter, and a bp filter, where a I meant to put compressors, “A and B.”

Then I did something incredibly dumb… I ran my lead guitar, through the same routing as my rhythm guitar… LOL!! Tell me that is not off the hook quirky!! My mistake!!

Anyways, thanks again for the comment…


Feels more like a testing jam session than an actual tune.

Hey thanks for the comment…

That’s ok.

Even if I got the guitar sound flawlessly, these latest tracks of mine should sound, “very incomplete,” without vocals.

So… Yes… All of these are tests, sketches, and demos. I should’ve mentioned that.


I just do a few takes using only the pure metronome as my rhythm lead. Then i simply use the parts that are synchronizing the best.
That still keeps me a lousy live performer, but live performing ain’t my goal either :P

I might check that out… Just using the metronome and syncing it all up…

Thanks vV