"thread2 Timeout" And Can't Play Anything

Hi all,

I’ve suddenly started having trouble with Renoise 2.8.0. I’m a registered user and have sent a support ticket but I’ve heard nothing yet (not that I can blame them - it’s the weekend!) so I’m posting here too :)

My set up: Linux Mint 12 LXDE / Kernel 3.0.0-12-generic (apparently supports Realtime ALSA) / No pulseaudio.

(I’ve removed Jack for now whilst I try to fix this problem)

As of today, Renoise freezes for quite a long time whenever it loads a new song or I do anything to the GUI. Notably, in the logs, I see

“> Threads: Timeout while waiting for Thread2 to finish its commands!!”

for each of these freezes.

Here is the Renoise log:

3517 renoise_error.txt

My steps were to load Renoise, open a song (takes ages but works), try to play it (fails, but play button is highlighted), press stop (same, stop highlited), then exit Renoise.

Note that I’ve tried out the 2.8.1 Beta with exactly the same results.

The only other similar report I’ve found is this


but it’s for Windows, not Linux, and is horrendously out of date.

Any ideas? I have previously had Renoise working with no problems with this kernel and Linux Mint build. Could I have upgraded some library it depends on which is causing the Threading algorithms to go haywire?



Are you using built-in audio or a Firewire/USB interface?

I’ve just recently returned from the odyssey of configuring Linux Audio myself, luckily I prevailed (Fedora 17 is a royal wang compared to Ubuntu). Anyway, it might be helpful to assert the state of your configuration. Do you mind running the following script and letting me know what it says? The purpose of this script is to detail the steps required for realtime kernel support, but it might help to surface any red flags.