Three dots after forum post

(Raegae) #1

This is not Renoise related and I am not sure where to post this but I post this here because I need help with how this forum works.

At recent days when I post something I get three dots (…) after my post, and three dots on as many lines as how many times I click “Preview Post”.
Now I found somethin related to this. If I click that first icon 8083 switch.png looking like switch, that removes all the style and show just plain text, then I see those dots. Again depending on how many times I switch so many lines of dots I get. In no style mode I can remove those dots, but them appear atleast once when I post.

Am I missing something or is this somekind of a bug??

I am on Ubuntu 18.04 and this is not happening when I post from Windose computer

(Raegae) #2

not so big problem, seems like I can write without dots when writing without format/styles