Three Little Pieces

Got something for ya :)

3 Songs:

These three shortcuts were done yesterday night for a little project in my school. Proper mixing & mastering was done today with my new sexy monitors, so let me know if you find some issues here aswell :)


next to you - the bass sounds great! snare is a little weak for hardstep style, i would change it to something else

bluthner - i love this. please work on this more & make a full song


“Next to You” is fabulous. I was disappointed when it stopped. I’d love to hear it as a full song.

The beginning of bluthner sounded somewhat choppy, or, well, like the program was messing up while it was playing–it definately did not sound like a human playing the piano, but after that part it really was a nice progression, a good sound in general.

I’m not as much into the jazz one (something just doesn’t sound right about the drums–they’re in your face but the song is laid back–the drums have too much stecatto [this could be subdued with some warm pads playing some chords in the background], also the sax instrument being used could be much better–it sounds like an '88 casio), but I guess these all were for little projects at school, so who am I to complain?

Great job.

I can ensure you that I´ll finish this one some day since I´m kinda happy with it myself already. So I won´t leave it untouched :)

Yeah, I haven´t took so much attention at the dynamics at all since I was in a haste but on the other side when I do piano stuff in general, this stuff mostly sounds like I´m all the way hammering down on the piano :D
Need to work on that a bit :)

Guess what? You´re the second about the ´88tish Casio synthsax :lol:

I post my stuff only for that reason.
So please keep up complaining… errr critisizing :)