Threshold Record

It would make it easier to record “found sounds”. You’ll be able to bang, hit, shake or whatever without worring about remembering to hit record.

That is quite short and fast.
I’m afraid i need some more detailed explanation to catch your drift.

good idea, should work like setting up a threshold on a gate.

He’s talking about the ability to automatically begin recording when the audio level goes above a certain threshold, and then (I presume) stop recording when it drops below a certain threshold for a certain duration.

So for example you can hit record while sitting in your quiet room, but the recording state is merely ‘armed’ and ready, until you finally begin making some noise and then the recording starts for real. After you’ve stopped playing your instrument or making weird sounds with your mouth (or whatever the case may be) and a few seconds of silence have passed, then the recording will automatically stop and arm itself again for the next take. This way you can create multiple unique samples/takes without ever having to touch any buttons.

Really cool idea!

If the Line In device would supply some monitor value upon the input in Lua, one could script it.
Unfortunately, only parameters can be programmed.

Yep, Jonas got it too. Thank you for all the cool feedback :D This video gives another explanation too. Todays samplers are seriously powerful, Renoise one of THE most powerful out there. There are only a handful of tools I would buy a hardware sampler for, this being at the top off the list. My brief request was too allow the developers and the rest of the community to discuss what works for Renoise. Some times too much details at the beginning restricts creativity. I ment no offence. Brevity sometimes seem rude on the net! :)

this is actually a very nice idea a big +1

it’s a great little idea, simple and effective.
@lowkey: consider expanding on the idea with a bit more detail. maybe a mockup screenshot added?

Ive never done a mock up before but I’ll give it a go! :)
Just need to figure out a way to implement it thats as smart as the rest of the program.

yes, that’s probably the biggest challenge of making mockups. the added value is that it will make your idea a lot more clear, and you will be giving the devs a ‘head start’ with a proper mockup, as they got a clear idea (visually) to work with. good luck!

Is shift+esc used for anything at the moment?
*Edit found out myself.

I know this is rough but Ive never used a picture editor before…

looks nice!

Bump :)