Tick "offset" Thingy

Warning Idea might be stupid. Im no programmer, and Im new to
Renoise so I dont know if this is even remotely plausible :D

Similar to the regular sample offset it would be very cool with function
to set a notedelay to 00-FF off from a beat.

The main reason for this idea is to truly be able to humanize timing precision
not just velocity precision. This is not an issue with trancemusic, (gay or
ungay) but its easy to spot überperfect timing in analogue type music. Some
time you want that timeing but mostly you dont. Like blues, rock, ballad,
classical, it should sound a little “drunk” damn it.

The workaround now to get this timing precision is to double or quadruple
the the tempo and size of the pattern. And add note delays “manually”,
but the thing here:
The timing deviations should not be homogenous within a interval but
rather according to a gaussian “bell” curve distribution to be natural. And
that is a heck of a work to do manually, but easy for the computerthingy.

Maybe this interferes with the whole tick-based structure internally but
the idea is that maybe the tempo could say 130 as usual but internally
it would be 1304. And at 6 ticks per beat. 64= 24 might suffice to emulate
“infinite timeing”. Effect would still be 00-FF but “downsampled” to 24

Or maybe the notes could go via a metadevice that fixed this kind of thing,
deviance could be fixed in automation. The device could maybe have the
the reverse function of quantizing also so you could hear you midi finally
played right for once :D

Just an idea that maybe could be useful for some :dribble:

The tick-based thingy is bound to be ditched completely in the future.
What future is yet not known.

The future’s so bright we have got to use sunshades. B)