Tiger - New Builds For Osx Availabe

Hi all,

We have silently updated the OSX builds (the versionnumber has not changed). You will only need to download and install the new builds if you are running Apples latest OS (10.4 Tiger).

Beside of the startup problems, nothing else has been changed. The windows builds where not updated.

If you are a registered user and have already a registered version of Renoise 1.5 installed, simply download and run the new build from http://backstage.renoise.com. If you have not yet installed Renoise 1.5 on your new OS, you will need to download and install the evaluation version first, then upgrade the demo with your registered version.

Sorry for the problems …

thanks for the fix. had me worried for a second today until i reinstalled.

btw: i’ve noticed a 30% drop in cpu usage on a track i was working on before upgrading. now that’s a f****ing upgrade! :walkman: