Time Delay Spatialization Effect

Me and Bohan designed a native plugin for Psycle based on the Haas effect, but I’m still looking for a better solution, and one that works in Renoise.

The principle is very simple. Delays less than 45 ms are generally not heard as echos, but rather, as positioning/psychoacoustical cues that tell you where a sound is coming from, based on the phase information in the signal.

In practice, it’s very easy to implement a Haas effect. Given a stereo pair, the sound in one of the channels is delayed a few ms from the sound in the other channel. Additionally, position information can be enhanced with a normal pan control (which would simply attenuate the left or right channel).

Ideal controls:

[||======] Right channel delayed 45 ms
[======||] Left channel delayed 45 ms
[===||===] No stereo delay offset (0ms)

Balance: (works just like a pan control)
[||======] Full left pan (right channel completely attenuated)
[======||] Full right pan (left channel completely attenuated)
[===||===] Center (no attenuation)

[||======] Right channel detuned 15 cents
[======||] Left channel detuned 15 cents
[===||===] Center (no detune)

High cut Filter:
[||======] Right channel filtered 3db per octave
[======||] Left channel filtered 3db per octave
[===||===] Center (no filter)

High cut Frequency (10 - 18k):
[||======] 18k (minimal effect)
[======||] 10k (maximum effect)

Pre-delay (0 - 100ms):
[||======] 0ms (no effect)
[======||] 100ms (maximum effect)

This essentially inserts a delay at the start of the sound, so that the same plugin can be used to create an early reflection effect, complete with detailed haas positional ques. Generic early reflection plugins often lack this critical phycho-acoustic information.

So, this is what the UI would look like:

[===||===] Delay
[===||===] Balance
[===||===] Detune
[===||===] Filter cutoff
[===||===] Filter frequency
[||======] Pre-delay

Anybody care to turn this into a VST plugin, so that everybody can enjoy it?

  • Eric

learn synthedit and make a vst.