Time Flies

Jesus christ, I’ve been a member for more than 5 years O_o
… and judging by my post count, a poor one at that…

you’ve probably been busy doing more productive things like actually writing music :)

Oh I wish :D
I’ve had a major creative constipation for the last few years… nasty stuff. It’s getting better though :)

just bring a laptop w/ you while u sit on the toilet

Great idea! :D
I had this Zen inspired idea one day. It consisted of me climbing mountains or wandering forests with my laptop and a pair of headphones with me. I would settle down on some rotting old log and infuse my creations with the meaning of life and so on. Of course that never happened… but the toilet idea was quite close, and much handier at that!

I’ve always had that dream too. Unfortunately though I’ve always been too poor to afford a laptop with enough battery life. About 8 years ago I bought a pentium 100 laptop off ebay for $70. I got it out to the woods and had impulse tracker loaded while I was walking. By the time I had settled down on the log, the battery had died. :P