Time For A Poll, Guys And Gals!

:P Me likes it!

Our government can never decide whether we’re supposed to eat it or not. They say it’s got too much mercury trace in it one week and then say we’re not enough tuna the next week.

Anyway, I love tuna. Got to be mixed with a bit of mayo, or it’s too dry. :blink:

My tip is: Tuna, mayo, corn and red onions. When serving, add a hard boiled egg and some fresh tomatos, perfect for a sandwitch. :)

Also, for an easy lunch: One can of tuna in oil, hot pasta ribbons, red peppers, feta cheese, fresh tomatos and if you like it, green olives. Puts the Y in yum!

Then there’s the dinner: You can practically replace chicken with tuna in any dish, tuna with curry sauce, tuna with sweet’n’sour sauce, anything goes! But my favourite is NO sauce, just a tuna salad based on mayo, corn and red onions (add salt and pepper by taste), and serve that part cold. Now, with this dish I prefer potatos prepared in the oven. Set it to ca 250 degrees, cut the washed potatos in 4, like small boats, marinade them with olive oil, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper, and put in oven 'till golden. As always, tuna + tomatos = exellent. Alternatively, serve with some kind of chicken sauce, tuna is called chicken of the sea for a reason…

Enjoy! :dribble:

Ceenda: My government thought carrots were bad for you at some point. And potatos. Hm, or maybe that was just the newspapers blowing something out of proportion again… Never know these days! :unsure:

Yummy, I like dolphins ;)

I like to watch my dinner do a few laps before I hack off it’s head. :dribble: