Time Information To Vst's

hello renoisers,

i tried to use a vst called “livecut” in renoise but when i activite the plugin the track on which it is applied just mutes… so it doesn’t work…
i contacted mdsp at smartelectronix [developer] to ask if this was a known problem… so now i need to know if renoise sents time information to plugins, like tempo, metric, beat position…

thanks in advance…

I don’t know if it sends metric elements, but it does send tempo and songposition. (ReVisit is a plugin which demonstrates the last data information type works correctly)
Lots of other plugins that can sync correctly to Renoise as long as the real BPM is rounded.
Only a few plugins can work with decimal offs in the real bpm value.

thanks for the reply,

i just got mail where i was told the problem with livecut should be fixed in the next update…!
basically thats all i needed to hear… yes! :walkman:


Don’t mean to spam your thread but in the meantime you might enjoy my Glitch plugin. It’s somewhat similar to LiveCut - it chops up the sound and applies different types of effects.

Best of all, it works great in Renoise :)


If you load it within an energyXT VSTi, LiveCut works ok in Renoise. If mdsp can fix it for the next version, that would be fantastic. Glitch, LiveCut and SupaTrigga is the ultimate DSP chain. ;)

yesterday i discovered your glitch vst… it’s awesome, great job, thanks for this program!
now the next thing i need is to build a dedicated midicontroller… :yeah:

thanks, i didn’t know this… will try it as soon as i can…
the fact that livecut doesnt work in renoise is not a mdsp thing but a renoise thing… but they said it will probably been taking care of next update…

Oh I see, my mistake. :)

The new version of LiveCut, 0.9, is out


Doesn’t work with Renoise (next one after this might?), but sports a new comb filter and bitcrusher.

Or the next Renoise might work with this one ;)

Touche. :D This is embarassing.

I did some testing with this plug… it works lot better in the next edition.
You have to give it time to build up a steady buffering though and ofcourse the plugs flaws a bit after Renoise is minimised to the background. But it runs well in the background if you don’t keep swapping processes.

It also works in 1.5.2 if you however meet specific demands:
The real BPM tempo in 1.5.2 causes the problems of the silences…
The plugin works better in 1.5.2 if you pick a speed/bpm combination that matches the Real BPM match
(e.g. 90 / 126 BPM with speed 6 and then put the SubDiv parameter of the plug to 32)

Here’s the output what Renoise Next Edition makes from it :

(I spoiled it by swapping to another app during rendering… it’s noticable in the end, sorry!)

Nice lush demo. :) One more reason to look forward to it!
I get some output from it, but it seems random. I.e. I tried with 126 BPM at 6, but didn’t get much, then set speed to 5 instead and it went on a bit before it stopped.