Time offset for entire track

Hey there,

I have a song that uses 8 VST aliased instruments through a single EastWest Symphony Gold VST plugin. One of the instruments is delayed a bit and I want to offset it slightly backwards so it lines up correctly. I saw the “delay” column in the track took negative values so I tried this but it seems to have no effect. I thought maybe it was because they were aliased so I took that one instrument and made it part of a separate group, still didn’t do anything. In fact, in general I’m finding I’m unable to control DSPs on a track-by-track basis - I’m able to apply them to the first track and then it seems to globally apply to all the others. (again, maybe due to the aliasing?) Debating just using the “plugin grabber” to convert everything to samples so I have better control but it would be nice if this worked directly with the VSTs. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note just wanted to say I’m loving Renoise… I’ve traditionally only used samples but have recently started to use VSTs and am surprised at the impressive support here. The other day I setup an instrument and was like “but don’t they have support for multi-timbral VSTs”, and sure enough it was there, called aliased instruments described succinctly in the help section. Then I thought, “Hmm wouldn’t it be nice though if I could control a group of instruments of these with a single automation” and again found the Hydra automation and was impressed. Then I thought “Hmm wouldn’t it be nice if I could control this with a pattern effect” and then again realized that yes you can in fact do that. Boom I love this program.


Separate group, or a separate instance? AFAIK, VST instruments only respond to track delay for the track(s) in which the original instrument is playing.
So yes, I believe you’d need to use a separate instance of EastWest in order to apply negative delay to it’s track.

Technically, I think the aliased notes are “collected” by the original instance, so the track delay is simply never picked up. The delay would affect any samples, or other (un-aliased) instruments, though.

Yeah I meant separate instance, I thought I tried this but I just tried it again and it worked correctly this time. Go figure!