Time Stretching In 2.8.0?

I noticed that there is a tutorial about timestretching samples with the 9XX command. Does this methode still exist? I’ve heard that you can do similar stuff with 0Sxx commands, which I haven’t had much luck with. Thanks in advance.

They’re the same command :)

We simply renamed/reorganised the commands in 2.8, to hopefully make them a bit more sensible and easier to learn.

See: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Pattern_Effect_Commands#Effect_Column

You can also check the tutorial song included with 2.8 itself:
Help > Tutorial and Demo Songs > Tutorial - Sample Offset

I suspected as much. Thanks anyways. Will check it out.

Yo Dblue, how about incorporating the dsp code from your stretch vst inside Renoise? Then be able to trigger, control the parameters through pattern commands? :drummer:


you can already control stretch vst with pattern command. any vst for that matter.

this has been suggested before, but in the sense of ‘how about just building the code of the Glitch VST directly into Renoise?’…