hey, apologies if this been answered before. i’m a registered renoise user and i was wondering is renoise likely to get time-stretching?

i brought it up in the irc channel, and opinion seemed to be that licensing the technology might be too expensive. but i notice that energy-xt uses the same licensed time-stretching technology as acid (the zplane technologies one) and energy-xt is similar price to renoise.

is something like this in the plans for renoise?


This is something that receives very little mention in the forums, so I don’t believe it’s likely to appear any time soon. Which is sad really since it is something of an industry standard technology at this point. Even Reaper, which most people never pay for, has a decent time stretch included. Hopefully the developers will include this feature and a few other standard daw features soon.

yeh its unfortunate, i usually use another program like ixi quarks to do it, or you could just use the sample property box in the instrument settings tab to stretch it to the desired amount of beats (if you havent done already) or the E1/2/3etc command.

yeh, real time stretching takes care of the pitch and stuff for you tho…

I dream of an SXX (stretch) command

But doesn’t an interpolated 09xx command do the trick for the most part? I mean yeah, it’ll sound choppy at low speeds, but as the tracking speed or LPB increases, the sample becomes more stretchy and less choppy sounding.

It works, but it’s a poor substitute to actual time-stretching.
Mac users are lucky. Apple delivers a nifty Pitch audio unit.

ehhhhh, whatever. I’m not worried about things always being PERFECT. Just cause you have the best whatever, doesn’t make you a great artist. One thing that cracks me up about current pop/hip hop artists…

Okay, sure. Using 09XX for time-stretch sounds like crap for longer samples, but if it suits your needs, all the better.
There’s a big difference between ‘poor substitute’ and ‘best of the best’ though.

I agree it does, which is why I usually use 09xx for samples that are less than 2 seconds long.

I might still be a noob, but I’m not completely retarded. :P

Hahaha! Yeah, it works funky on very short samples, but too often it’s the longer samples
I want to stretch and then I’m again happy I work on Rotten Fruit OS. ;)

What you can do (what I’ve done in the past), take your long sample (ex: 16 sec long) and chop it into smaller sections (ex: eight 2 sec sections). As one sample comes to 09ff, start the next sample at 0900. Make sense? Or am I rambling?


My god that guy takes his sweet time explaining things. Video’s alright though.

In addition to that video ( the 9XX command) , try adding a volume envelope to the sample you are stretching and then you can also change the NNA
(“instrument settings” --> “sample properties”)
from “cut” to “continue”… or “note off” if you are using sustain in the volume envelope.

i got some very good results with this on some chopped up Nightmare Before Christmas orchestra stuff…


just need algorithm for this guy:

edit: forgot picture :D

Modplug tracker has built-in time stretcher.

Yeah just get the elasique time stretch and problem solved.
It’s extremely fast. Click and drag. Just need to put this in the
sample editor and with time displayed at the top it should work
just as easily as in other programs.