Time Warp Blablabla...But Still.

hi guys :)
i have a suggestion!
i know it has been said alot but still though…

now that the 2.7 has been released as a beta i have tried it out and i must say that its pretty awesome.

in the sample editor its quite killer that its now possible to make “hitpoints/markers/slices”
the sample editor has become quite advanced and the fact that we now have the auto seek function…
why not go all the way and make a “time warp” thingy

for an example:
if i wanna take a long file like some acapella,
it now has all the stuff for making this more easy.
but a little thing that could be nice also to do is time warping for correcting long files and other fun stuff!!
i know that it can be done by other ways, tricks and so on.
but i mean so can alot of the new features also…
so why not?

i was searching around on the web getting geeky about time signatures.
and saw a thread on dogs on acid,
there was a guy who had posted a image of a time signature translator/calculator something.
it simply just showed that if you typed in 4x8 = 64 lines and so on…
i was late at night for me so i have forgotten how to find it again so i could ask him what that was?
maybe just a bad dream…
has anyone of you seen this or know what I’m talking about here???


PS. in the new 2.7! when mangling around with the envelopes like automating the filter or whatever via the envelope.
i find it a bit annoying that you have to double click for getting the points!!!

I have an idea but i don’t remember this part.
Perhaps that was about the sync option from the sampler which works with lines. Has not so much to do with timestretching or crunching though, it simply changes the pitch to match the sample playtime to the amount of lines.

i’m simply wondering: why the big letters?

OK thanks alot. hmm. hopefully i will find the picture of this translator some day then i will post it.

enjoy! :P


I thing its time to warping!!!

yez Timewarp is needit in the sample editor. that is simple and need it today…
production standard now.!