Hey everybody,

Greets from another renoise user, from France.
So, this track was done in renoise, and uses samples, midi and vsts.
It’s from the movie inception, called Time and from Hans Zimmer.
The guitar part is done by a friend of mine and was edited and mixed in renoise.

Hope you’ll like it, feel free to comment and send feedback.
Time - Inception OST - From Nico & Sekrev


Enjoy your day, see you around !



a chilling rock- version of time. like it.

Thx for the welcome and for the feedback ! Glad you like it.

Hey guys, happy new year 2013, my best wishes.

I went to an electronic chilling version of time also, felt like sharing it.
End solo is played live on a microkorg.

Feedbacks are welcomed as usual, thx :wink: