Timechanges In Renoise Doesent Work When Rewired To Bidule

i have made my track in renoise and im now rewiring renoise inside plogue bidule.

the reason i want to do it this way is,i want to place all the effects i want to use with my nocturn controller in bidule.

the put renoises GUI in the top of my laptop/desktop screen and bidules GUI on the bottom,so i can easily choose the effects that i need to controll

but have noticed that the timechanges i have in my track,doesent work when rewired this way in bidule,because its now bidule that controlls the tempo.

so is there anyway i can get it to work

the track starts at 144bpm then changes to 228bpm and back to 144bpm

heres a sreenshot of my set-up


i also posted this on the bidule forum this is a post Seb(the dev of bidule )posted

There is not timeline in Bidule for tempo/meters so you have two choices:

  • set up a series of presets and switch between them
  • some ReWire devices can send tempo/meter back to the host, if Renoise can do that you could set all your tempo/meter changes in Renoise and use that as the sync source for anything needing that info inside Bidule.

so my question is can renoise send tempo to host??

anyone knows??