Timed Instrument switch

Hey people!
I hope this is the right forum, please correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m at 34C3 right now, a big hacker conference in Germany and we set up some punchable sensors to renoise, so people can drum a little.

We got several drumsets (xrni), but have to change them manually. Is anyone able to write a quick script that switches between instruments after 30 minutes?

greets from the Congress & thanks to anyone helping! :slight_smile:

Set BPM way down, set LPB way down, set pattern length way up, make sure auto capture instrument from pattern is on, then make patterns of length 512 with your desired instruments at the top (no note, just instrument). Turn recording off, press play with the track with your instrument changes selected. works with no script needed. Each pattern will be about 16 minutes long.

…duuude this is brilliant. Thanks a lot!