Tiny Feature Request Concerning Gainer Plug

this has already been discussed in the ideas and suggestions forum and there have been quite a few different suggestion and ways of implementing the feature (some 10 out of 10 for imagination). But what is completely boils down to is one little checkbox on the gainer plugin called “mono” (post pan and invert).

Where there are already inverse functions, with a mono button you could remove center material from a stereo signal (one of the most useful ‘remixing’ tools which has tons of other uses too) or simply mono a channel that needs to be mono - eg a kick drum to avoid phase issues. For people who still make tunes going to vinyl (like me) this is a must.

So please could we have a mono checkbox on the gainer?


Well, obviously, you’ve seen my thread about it :)


Just wanted to add that there will always be practical reasons to check the result in mono. Even if you don’t hear Renoise tracks on your mono-radio everyday, you could easily play your songs on your cellphone (which are mostly mono).

By the way, if you’re concerned of making your tracks work with vinyl, I think you should check out otiumFX BassLane instead (put it on your master). This will monoize your song up to a given frequency, f.ex from 300 hz and downwards, which is essential to keep the needle in the vinylgroove. On the other hand, the vinyl-mastering-crew will often take care of this, nevertheless you can still check how it will sound roughly.


i agree with you totally but i still think what everyone wants is the same thing. i have replied to you in ur thread - iv explained better there.

in regards to vinyl, i didn’t know about that plugin thanks for telling me. i already have access to mastering tools though (its my day job lol), i just like to make sure everything is phase correct during the production stage as when you get to the studio to master it, your kick drum or bass can vanish/mess up and you’re either left with a light mix or have to pay for studio time you didn’t really use.

and what your saying about referencing in mono couldn’t be more true. the target for most renoise music is the dance floor. most clubs are mono or things in stereo don’t sound as they did in the studio - i’ve DJed in one or two myself :wink:

so theres no arguement for or against, its just how to implement it. i strongly believe it should be a mono check box. any other views?


Yes, agreed. There should be a mono-box. It would not change the workflow of anything, and would only be a tiny button on the GUI so there is not really any reason not to implement it.