Titten Tei


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Hehe I’m no one but I tell u my opinion about…

Titten Tei:

I love the lead you enter on around 0:60 sec , but i think the bass is so strong on the production eating a lot of space that I normally prefer for my leads, and that lead ROCKS.
The drum is a bit simple, I recom make twitters speakers work a bit more with metallic drums with a bit of electro hehehe. And I don’t like the synth bass line.

Nice work, if you like I can help you remixing that song. It’s a cool song.

About A38:

Nice song, but I recom production on the tracks, a bit less bass, and the flute need tuning to get a better melodic-resonance-mix is a bit high so sometimes don’t let me flow with the song.

Again, nice job.

Thanks dude. I understand what you mean and i will take it into count.
I guess i need some help on mastering and deciding what sounds should play loudest and who should play less…


Well, you’re using soundclick.com–they have some sort of special thing they’re doing that doesn’t let me hear anything on their site. If you put it somewhere where the file is right there instead of soundclick’s proprietary whatever-they’re-doing that doesn’t let me listen, I would listen to your song and give it a rating.