To Be A Renoiser

As far as the concerned Renoisers are claiming, this is the updated list of things and mutations that will most probably start to happen to you as a REGISTERED user.

(?) are unconfirmed claimings


- Differ a lot from non-registered users
- Release music to pretend they’re harmless
- Go pray every morning (?) unconfirmed because of many pagan rituals being performed every morning by many Renoisers… and not all of them can be described by the word “pray”… expecially those involving sexual activities or human sacrifices…
- eat cats in the evening (??) unconfirmed. Australian Renoisers are used to eat Koala in the evening…
-[b] eat each other on demoparties/b
- do not listen to trance (?) There is some confusion here as this topic crosses another topic who tries to understand if Trance listeners are Gay.
This claim involves thinking both that Trance listeners are Gay (that’s not confirmed) and that there are no Gay Renoise users… (that’s not confirmed as well)
- do not listen to IT Alien
- get all the women
- get lucky five times a night (?) this is unconfirmed at least untill we find out what’s the real meaning of “Getting lucky”… as I suspect it does not means “winning the lottery” or “finding money under a parkbench”.
- are KORE (?) Unconfirmed untill we find out what “being Kore” means… as I suspect it does not mean “being an ancient greek statue of a standing woman dressing with veils”…
- do not forget to login
- praise Linux
- praise Commodore
- are nuts
- sing stupid songs
- never sleep much
- Write stupid stuff on boards
- Read stupid stuff on boards (?)

If you feel offended or have complains about the way I distributed the “unconfirmed voice” you can write me a private message or an email.
It will be my pleasure to ignore you

… i forgot to login …

Grundtal, go and stand in the corner for 10 seconds. You broke a rule jk

Parsec, geeze! :)

Okay, at least about the word KORE I think I can give you some info.

The discussion about being kore began half a year ago on #renoise.
I belive it was about a CD with that name on it or something…or not :)
None really explained its meaning so that it could make 100% sence.
But then again, that’s why it’s so KORE.
So I think that we can say that being KORE is something positive, full of power, underground…you should have a feeling of what I mean now :)

That were my 2 cents. Maybe It-Alien or Kaneel can add some more info about that here.

Actually, the “kore” discussion started because of Mr. Aszazin (read the whole story here) who divides the world of listeners into [i]“kore people”[/i] (the cool-est supah-est elite-est ones, listening to hardcore, speedcore, terrorcore, breakcore, stepcore, whatevercore) and softheadz (the rest).

Just to recall you about the Aszazin discussion, he compalined about ReNoise having too few patterns (256), because he needed more to complete his 3 minutes and an half song… :huh:

thanks to him, the ReNoise LongTrack Project started, and we will always be thankful to him for this.

BE K0R3 :yeah:

ROFL!!! this is some precious info! Hey guys… you heard that? :lol:
Grundtal, was that “soft/melodic-trance” you were playing? :ph34r:

Ahhh… yes, that’s what I always felt inside… always being unable to give it a proper name… that’s what it is… I’m just KORE!.. ahhhh…
I’m kore, guys :yeah: :lol:
And of course we have to remove the (?)… it’s obvious that any registered Renoiser becomes instantly KORE :yeah:

Yes… I remember that… and had such good laughing at it… :lol: to me it sounded like someone complaining about his car heating too quickly and does not have speed but only accelleration and reaching very high RPMs while moving slowly… ( Why don’t you just shift to second gear, sucker? ) :rolleyes:

Hehe, I didnt play any bloody trance! But the DJ’s before me did. Then when it was my turn to play electro music, the gay people on the dance floor asked me to put some trance on. I surely didnt have any trance records so i started to play Autechre and Speedy J and stuff xD

I managed to empy the floor! :D

oMG, OmG, k0R3… dA7’s liKe, $0o() kEwl, inN17…d4Mn i’ts teh funkY 5h1T!++

iT PwNZ j0o a1L, 4nD jºo |<n0W it!!111 mWahahahHhahaHAahaaaaa

aCkH!!1 iZ iNf3cTe|) w1d d4 p01zoN±—

'KoRE R3NoîZerZ 4 e/A!!!++

Let’s be KOR3 together!!!111one

hahaha man this is hilarious!

uh buit i think the PROPAH usage would be “ARD COr”

can i even be KORE making hiphop beatz? :huh:

K0R3 hiphopbeatz ? that works only if they are like 210 bpm and the lyrics go “bitch bitch mothafukka !” all the way, but are not understandable because of heavy distortion. (kinda like atari teenage riot, the only K0R3 hiphopband yet. )

Thought I’d give 1 of these a shot…


You enjoy being different, but only if the price is right.

You like to impress people who are threatened by the appearance of massive complexity.

Your polarized lenses cannot see anything that is not oriented vertically.

You lose interest in any piece of software that is not updated every 2 to 3 days.

You prefer new hues to new skins.

You are timing deficient and need tracker support to keep you out of “The Void of Perpetually Evolving Abstraction.”

Your computer screen is only 6 by 6 inches.

Your creativity is rooted in your ability to make mistakes that turn out sounding better than your original intent.

You enjoy a sly smirk that causes other musicians to think you have some sort of desirable secret that they must extract from your smug mug.

You are a big fan of leading edge technology that was invented years ago.

You may or may not listen to trance and are not sure if that makes you gay or stoned.

“ReNoise is pwitty…!”

Chicks dig a Tracker Man.

You are such a fan of noise, that you have to make it again.

You enjoy confusing Fruity Loops users.

Your entire music set up is comprised of 32 cheap loops and a dream,

You enjoy walking UP the DOWN escalator.

You wanted a piece of music software that, with a few hacks and modifications, may be able to help you re map the fuel injection in your car.

Some people drive on the right side of the road. Some people drive on the left side of the road. You drive sideways.

4 WORDS: Poor Man’s Heart Monitor.

Cubase falls short of a completely and purely cubist musical philosophy.

You want to be able to tell your grand children that you were the inspiration behind a thing called “flip.”

Curves: LAME! Right Angles: COOL!

You have always had a peculiar fixation and attraction to dotted lines.

You wanted a piece of music software that has EVEN been ported to the LCD in your microwave oven, the counter on your digital alarm clock, and your multifunction media center remote control.

You feel that Reason and Logic are neither reasonable, nor logical enough.

“Real men sequence vertically.”

Damon :blink:

What about this as a replacement for the ugly “A Fasttracker like” title? :ph34r:

Yeah, it’s a little out of date considering that you’ve now ported it to osx.

heheh. yeah.

And btw Parsec, it’s all true… I should be ashamed, but they’re just so tasty! mmm koala

yeah, dont forget those girls, so make that “real musicians” or something.

or even better “real musicians compose in a spreadsheet”. (that was one hilarious diss someone made on trackers on the kvr-forum.)

You could also tease the competition:
Cubase is your playground, Renoise is your office.

OMG :lol:
Tunepoet you’ve been just instantly awarded with the Ad Honorem Scenology Award for the unvaluable insight your writings allowed. You automatically gain your sit among the High Council of Ancients too.
You have been granted a nomination to the most secret and rare
“Laughing made it so hard to read that I had to stop and wait” award.

The following exclusive medals (with relative highlights) were awarded too:

Great Steel Medallion - For having steel balls in battle

Sacred Cross of Jade Snakes - For developing innovative points of view on links between behavioural psychology and physic.

Great Cross of Onyx Abstraction - For having included such remarkable sentence in a post you have wrote directly from “the Void of Perpetually Evolving Abstraction”.

Golden Square of High Sharpness - For great values of Self-Consciousness shown on field and the ability to dig a short meaning out of a long process.

Red Falchion of Tunguska - For remarkable use of language on field.

Platinum Cross of Swords - For sniper precision

Supreme Medallion of Silver Chains of Illusion - For having found an enlightening reality behind the corner of an obvious evidence.

We salute your presence in this forum :)

crap…seems you know me inside out parsec… :)


Parsec: Adam of The Other Things
Lord of Obscure Lords
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Answering the Questions
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Or Maybe Did
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Before the Advent of Eventually
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The Not Soon Enough Professionals
Sometimes Known as
The Gravity Bandits of the Lesser Known
And Even Lesser Misunderstood
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Or not
Because of Less Body Fat
Plus Yogol
The Bastard Half Cousin of Yoga
Yet Poser-less
And Dressed in Shades of a Off-Pink
When Complex Beer Claims the Sex Symbol
Like Jazz for Dyslexic Schizophrenics
Who Feel You have Too Many Personalities
But Choose To Watch
Despite It
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Duh… Dude… Plz…:Try English for the smart-impaired…