To Be Or To Have?

I have a ticket for Rage Against The Machine (YAAAAAYYYY, I don’t think I really have processed this fact yet haha… I have been waiting 13 years for this so to speak and I’m actually going to see RATM with a great setlist in a great setting).

I also have DSLR and wanted to try my hands at concert photography for a long time - what better opportunity than RATM/Zack de la Rocha??? I have a fast lens, so unless I mess it up I might get a few really good shots. Oh, but the idea to HOLD STILL while Rage Against The Machine is playing is PAINFUL. I’m not sure if I can do that. Just to imagine it makes me feel sad. I’d rather ride my bike for hours each day for the next 4 weeks, and then jump in the pit and totally freak out for the whole duration! When I then listen to those songs on CD later on, they might mean a lot more and that would rule, maybe more than photographs. I dunno.

I haven’t asked yet, so this may be a moot question, don’t get your hopes up just yet. But I still think it’s an interesting one, hence this thread. I’ll try to get a permit anyway, but even if I actually get one I’m not sure wether I’ll use it. This is the worst conundrum I’ve been in a long time. :(

generally, video recordings of concerts will result into unsatisfactory results.

buying official videos always give better results, and you still have to be sure that the band (=the label) permits unofficial recordings, which if it’s not the case, may put you in troubles.

ok, it’s your recording, but it’s always better to live your present at full than play it back on a monitor.

I mean photos, not video. And I’m also talking about getting a permit, no dodgy digicam stuff…

question with question, can you buy an indestructible ruggedized case for the dslr? or have someone with you that can hold on to it, while you rage?

I’d just enjoy the band. If your memory gets so bad you need pictures to remember, you probably wont appreciate the pictures anyway. Get the tour tee shirt to prove you were there :yeah:

haha. i did that in '97 when i was 15. we got high on the way at about 100 miles an hour

A Canon 30D is pretty rugged, it certainly can handle bones and teeth - but I’m 100% sure that’s not allowed. No bottles and certainly no DSLR’s.

See my sig, I wouldn’t say “I’m a photographer” but I’m also not into just holiday snaps. What you describe is the worst case scenario, the best case would be having the cornerstone of an actual portfolio… or hey, just something I can print out really big and hang on my wall. Hmm, I’m kinda answering it for myself here heh, I’ll definately try to get a permit, and unless that’s something total crap (like only having 10 minutes), OR if there is an easy way to store my equipment and get back to the action, I might have a go at it.

If you can time travel back to the early nineties and take a few pictures at CBGBs in New York of Inside Out, it would be appreciated.

Edit: or did they even play that venue?

Man, i just popped on the Inside Out demo (also available on MySpace), The hairs on my neck are standing, I still remember all the lyrics, one of the best hardcore band ever. There were rumors circulating about a reunion show in my locality around 95… Never happened as far as I know. If I could see this band, and between the age of 16-25 in the nineties again.

Can you hear me old manning it up in here?

Yay! What focal length?

Well, yeah, it’d definately be taking risk.

Also no spotlights. I have a 1.4f lens…

100% not an issue, I have 2x 4 gig CF + 80 gig portable HD :D

similar ones, but not these - thanks!

I would NEVER do that hahah!! ;)

Whoops, good that I didn’t send that email yet… I’d need to at least pose some more and think about how I would go about publishing the stuff… uhm, I’m kinda seeing myself moshing out without a cam already, but it’s worth a try hey.