To Boldly Go Where No Idiot Has Gone Before

Hi there. Bought Renoise in August and have finally managed to get the time to record with it.
I decided to do my interpretation of the old Star Trek theme with a P Bass a SG, some drum software and a copy of Renoise.

100% recorded within Renoise and I have to say I really enjoyed using it.

Hope you like it and get a laugh out of it.


Nice and progressive, only should have been much longer. :)

groovy as heck and maybe a timely bit of inspiration for the latest dead dog round? man, i wish it was longer, too. compelling guitar player, right?

Thank you TheBellows & The Witch Kings for your kind words.
Yes the tune is a bit short. It was my first attempt at using Renoise & it’s a cover so I didn’t want to spend to much time on it.

I recorded one of my own tunes & it’s a bit longer. It’s called Dr Disco & Mr Funk. I promise it is 100% disco free. There is some Funk, but that’s good. It’s a bass heavy riff oriented tune. Hope you enjoy.

Here are a few more short TV theme covers I did for my own amusement. Again as with my first offering this has been done with only a guitar, bass, drum machine & Renoise.
Starting to really love this program, only managed to crash it a few times. Compare that to cubase…grumblegrumblegrumble.


the second tune is pretty funky indeed. I like it!