To Mods...

So I think you guys have a filter on my IP address for some wierd reason. I can log into the boards from everywhere but my network at home. At first I thought you guys gave me the boot from here, but I emailed them and they said they didn’t kick me off… At home I can log into any sight I normaly do except for the renoise boards, I just get and endless loop of error pages and every link on the page leads me back to the same place. This sucks… is it your spam filter or some shit or is it on my end (which I doubt)??? :angry:

we dont have any spam filters (ip based) installed yet. we do only blacklist some email addresses. This affects new registrations only though. Server-Side looks pretty neutral to me, did you try to erase related cookies? Do your browser / os policies allow cookies at all? Perhaps something we could have a closer look at.

Nopes there aren’t specific Spam IP filters installed, but i add ip-addresses to the ip-blocklist from posts that have been made by a spammer to exclude another open proxy.

Just a warning to all users, if you don’t want to risk getting your ip banned, don’t pull jokes by imitating spammers as the joke’s all on you in the end :P

Ahhh… back to home sweet home :)

I learned my lesson on pretending to be the 1337 spam bot commandor :blink:

Thanks for fixing this and getting me back on board.