To Ppl From Norway


Can someone translate for me the following: :)

The key point is, whats the difference between carving line and exclusive line :) My bro wants to rent skis there, but we dont have a clue what that means. There is something about exclusive line being for experts lol, but i dont understand specifics. Is it just newer equipment or totally different models or something.

thanks in advance

Trysilfjellets skileier velger utstyr tilpasset skikjørernes dyktighet og behov.
*The rental service chooses equipment based on skill and need.

Utstyret er delt inn i to nivåer: carving line og exclusive line.

Carving er ment for nybegynnere og øvede skikjørere. Exclusive for godt øvede og eksperter.
*Carving = beginner/intermediate
*Exclusive = upper intermediate/experts

Hvor gammel du er, vekt og høyde har også betydning for hvilket utstyr du bør velge.
*Age/weight/height also comes into consideration.

*The rest is mainly elaborations on these points. If you’re planning on staying out of the difficult slopes they want you to use “carving”, else go for the “exclusive”.

Trysilfjellets skileier ligger sentralt plassert rett ved bakken på begge sider av fjellet. Vi har alltid det nyeste utstyret og skiene du leier er alltid nypeparerte.
*The rental service is found next to the slopes on both sides of the mountain, they always have the newest equipment, and the skis are newly prepaired.
They also set up the skis for your height and weight.

Have fun, try not to break your arms :)

never mind

ok, thanks guys! :)

We speak rather well english in Norway, so they wouldn’t through you off a slope without having a slight clue what you can shouting “JAA, JAAA, EKSLUSIF VERY GOOD JAAA? GOOOD LOOOKK” while wearing lusekofte and eating lutefisk.

Although, I might just do that to people if I worked at ski slopes like that. :rolleyes:

No, from my experience they’ll be wearing the latest and greatest in ski fashion and a nicotine IV.

lol :)