To Put In Increasing Order The Patterns Numbers

I’d like that there is a command that puts in increasing order the numbers of the patterns, obviously without changing the song sequence!

The patterns list should be more elegant.

There is such a feature in 1.5…

Is there a “hidden” similar command in Renoise 1.281? Or an executable .EXE utility?

Think theyre talking aboutmake all patterns unique` which is only available in 1.5 rather than add new pattern…

I`m afraid you will have to wait for the public beta of 1.5 for this, unless you are planning to register before and become an alpha tester (see registering period conditions before deciding + from 1.5 there is a small increase in price)

Youll have to wait for VBAlk to tell you that, but as I say this is what Ithinkhe was talking about due to the continuing replies and splajns own answer.