Toast (DNB)

Some neuro dnb. :)

well, i think you need to add more air to snare,how do you think?

Thanks for your feedback. Maybe, I’m not sure. I’ll check this later today.

Edit: You’re right. The snare quite dull. I changed the eq params abit and it sounds much better now.

Hi. I really dig this. Great vibe.

There’s some stuff I noticed like…ummm…I would dream about making it different. The synth/stab action ist a bit too present, expecially in the mids, blowing up loudness and suffocating other Stuff a bit. Like 0:59 on the Stab overrules the drums, expecially the snare totally, and drum&bass is often rather like focused on breaks and bass, with other stuff more in the background. maybe rob that stuff a bit out of loundness and directness, and seperate it a bit more out while shifting driving parts more to the acute, so the basic parts can carry the drive a bit better. Also the bassline stereo works is awesome, with my headphones it sounds like it’s zapping all over the scene from different directions, so I know you know how to shift things apart from each other - but maybe add in reverse to the other synth stuff a bit more centering and directness. I guess you’ve mixed with monitors and not with headphones, I think it’s very “wide” and spacy, much things almost detached to sidebands - compared to “commercial” stuff I know and have listened to with the same headphones. But much is personal preference anyways, and why not do it a bit different!

Thank you for your feedback OopsIFly. I actually produce with headphones only. Next time i simply take more pauses between my producing sessions. When you work hours for hours on one track its not good. At the end with fresh ears you’ll get better results.